Are Old Comic Books Worth Anything

15 Nov 2011. Rare comic books share a combination of the following attributes: old age, special appearances, character. rare comics that are bought and sold at extremely high prices, they are convinced that these books are worth so.

29 Nov 2016. Even if you're not selling your comics and just want to keep tabs of your collection's overall value, knowing their market value is very useful, The condition your comic books are in plays a major role in the ultimate value of your comic books. How To Sell Really Old Comic BooksMay 18, 2019Similar post.

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The following is based off of the $100,000 Club list, a catalog I keep of all the individual comic books that might sell for over $100,000. A truly legendary comic, speculation about the value and (more recently) condition of this book has been a favorite topic of. Know anything about it?". If these items have the extra quality of bringing back fond memories of childhood (like the old comics do) they will.

The Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books In The World: #9. Whiz Comics #1. Published in February 1940-and confusingly labeled "2", it was the first comic book to feature Captain Marvel. Approximate value in 2004 (In "near mint" condition):

26 Sep 2013. sell comic books? Read the path that one collector chose with his collection worth about $75000. As part of that affliction, I've been reading comic books since, well, before I could actually read. Some of my. “I like these old Lois Lane books,” he said. “I could give. I realised that when I was not at home that I really did not miss anything as regards to my possessions. Although there.

4 Nov 2010. Golden Age books are going to be worth more than anything else simply because some of the books are almost 80 years old. Now, Spawn #1 is 18 years old, which many people may find "ancient," but in the world of comics,

As one of the leading specialists in the world for vintage British and American comics and annuals, we're always in the. It's not possible to value a vintage comic accurately without seeing it (scans and/or photos are NOT enough) and since.

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7 Dec 2017. Are you holding on to old Air Jordans, baseball cards or comic books in hopes of trading them in for big bucks. If you're selling an engagement ring, chances are there's some emotional baggage attached and any money you.

28 Feb 2010. I remembered we had a small stack of my son's old comic books at home. Few comics from the past two decades have much value. In fact, by 1992, Kula explained, the market was flooded with superhero comic books.

22 Jan 2019. more than ever. While Marvel Comics doesn't have anything that touched the worth of that Superman book, here are 10 Marvel Comics that would make any fan rich if they happen to find one in the wall of their old house.

14 Feb 2017. Knowing the value of a collection is imperative for if you are going to scan or sell on at a later point. note that large amounts of patience and product knowledge are involved to make money from the sale of old magazines. Be aware that if you stack copies on top of each other, it is advised that you don't align the spines for anything more than. with a large number of comic book collectors who are looking to preserve their favourite and most valuable comic books.

9 Nov 2017. Which is all the excuse we need to bring you this list of the rarest and most valuable comic books in the world. So get digging through your old collection, dust off those big boxes in the attic you thought would be worth.

22 Aug 2013. Why your Bronze Age comics collection ain't worth squat – The Beat. “How old is Tommy?” I asked. They all had the same books. So the. Shop owner/ manager: “You don't really have anything worth much money here.”.

14 Nov 2015. At one time just sparsely attended convocations of awkward teens and adults, comic conventions have evolved into makeshift marketplaces for an unusually torrid asset: comics. First-edition copies of characters like Batman,

20 May 2017. most valuable to own? We've gone through the record books to pick out the most valuable comic books ever sold. Earlier this year a copy sold for $507,500 (£389,861) in a deal brokered by vintage comics firm ComicLink.

6 Jul 2017. The most valuable comic book in the world is worth a whopping $5.55m (£4.29m). Here, we list what the world's top 10 comic books are worth in mint condition, using data from Nostomania, which estimates the values of.

16 Oct 2014. Once the three criteria of value are met, the next step is grading the comic by the condition of the cover, the pages, whether it has been creased, etc… For the older comics, there are very rarely pristine copies, which plays into.

10 May 2017. Has the value of your childhood comics soared higher than superman? We've got. The old VHS tapes now worth £1,500. Sell My comic Books is a specialist that can help value and find buyers at