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If you’re looking for a worthy summer reading binge, stack your bedside table with the. in a Paris sanitarium. [The 20 books to read this summer] In Sydney, Claude hires an Australian teen, Chip.

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READING on the beach usually. Can lay on stomach and put face in slot to read my book without hurting my neck." Another added: "Perfect. No more ‘wrecked neck’ if I fall asleep in the sun trying to.

she captioned her series of posts, which included pictures of her daughters’ dramatic reading. In the clip, the little girls.

SEE ALSO: This screenwriter used sign language in her Oscar acceptance speech, fulfilling a promise to the film’s 6-year-old lead actress At first, it feels a bit distracting to read a script while.

Fall is the big season for new books, and Minnesota authors and publishers are offering enough good reading to keep us going.

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Barnes & Noble has continued its quest to stock the shelves of United Kingdom bookstores with Nooks, by adding Argos, Blackwell’s and Foyles. digital catalog to people passionate about books and.

Heavy reads, light reads, even breezy beach reads from time. the Microsoft co-founder recently took to his blog to publish his annual “beach reading (and more)” list, a collection of books he.

These bookish accessories might seem minor, but they all have a pretty major impact on your reading life. A clip-able book light is a must-have for sleepovers and camping trips, after all. A handmade.

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The sort of people who use book lights—book lighters, if you will—are not to be trusted. The device itself, remember, is intended for surreptitious reading. light but considerably less crappy. The.

The Nook HD and HD+ are a pair of tasty little high-definition tablets, which can be snagged at stores such as Argos. reading and entertainment experiences, at the best price. With the highest.

but a reliable clip-on light for reading in the dark will always have its uses. Mighty Bright’s XtraFlex 2 does exactly what you’d want from one of these: It stays on your book and comfortably.

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If you’re a reader, you probably already know the value of great reading light for your bed, desk, or wherever else you curl up with a book. This adjustable clip-on light that’s on sale for more than.

But you can also utilize a clip-on reading lamp to read in bed so as to not bother your partner or not run up a higher electric bill by utilizing an overhead light. The Energizer Clip-On Book Light.